Graziella Comini is IPÊ's new vice-president

The Associate Professor of the Administration Department at FEA/USP and Coordinator of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Third Sector Administration (CEATS), was elected by IPÊ as the new vice-president of the institution. She now takes the place of Claudio Padua, founder of the Institute, who currently remains on the IPÊ Council and as Rector of ESCAS – School of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, which she also helped to create through the NGO.

“The choice for Graziella Comini could not have been any better. Extremely knowledgeable about the Institution, its needs and challenges, she was already playing a fundamental role for us as a counselor and teacher. With our school, it helped to bring innovation in themes that are dear to us, such as entrepreneurship, to the socio-environmental area. Now in the vice presidency, it will be even more important for our development”, says Eduardo Ditt, executive director of IPÊ.

Graziella joins a team with a majority of women in the institution. “More than 56% of the leadership positions in the institution are composed of women and now I share this responsibility with them, in an entirely female presidency”, comments Suzana Padua, president.

Economist, with a master's, doctorate and professorship in administration from the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of São Paulo, FEA/USP, Graziella Comini has a specialization in the Harvard Business School and the University of Bologna. In addition, he coordinates the Professional Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship at FEA/USP and is Brazil's representative in the SEKN – Social Enterprise Knowledge Network. She is also an advisor for socio-environmental projects and social businesses in Brazil. Develops projects related to social entrepreneurship, impact business ecosystem, social business and social innovation.

"It's a great honor and responsibility to occupy the position of Vice President of IPÊ, an organization based on ethical values ​​and technical excellence in the socio-environmental area, my objective is to expand the educational aspect so that the knowledge generated at IPÊ can be even more disseminated in different sectors (first, second and third sector). IPÊ has the capacity and competence to dialogue with different actors and serves as a driver for socio-environmental innovations”, says Graziella.