Atlantic Forest Corridors

The corridors project seeks to solve the lack of connectivity between forestry fragments, restoring degraded Permanent Preservation Areas and Legal Reservations in rural properties. The priority areas for restoration are identified by the "Dream Map", created by IPÊ. To implement the corridor, saplings used come from eleven community nurseries established and supported by the Institute, producing 400,000 saplings of native species each year.


The project promotes the conservation of forest resources, water resources, neutralization of CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide) and the guarantee of environmental services in public-private areas in the context of the Atlantic Rainforest Protected Areas in the West of São Paulo.

The project activities also involve the following strategies:

  • Strategic planning to ensure project sustainability and long term;
  • The systematization of the processes, experiences and results for dissemination and replication of the lessons;
  • Dissemination of project initiatives, actions and results at the regional, national and international levels; and
  • Transformation for good practices into public policies aimed at the rational use of Brazilian forest and water resources.
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  • Restoration of 200 ha of areas of Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) with the recovery of landscapes in rural properties, aiming also the restoration of forest connectivity in this ecosystem;

  • Adoption of agroecological and participatory technologies for the recovery and protection of water sources and riparian forests on rural properties;

  • The promotion, training and environmental awareness on agroecology and the rational use of water and forest resources in order to guarantee availability in quantity and quality for current and future generations.
  • Laury Cullen Junior
  • Maria das Graças de Souza
  • Aline Fatima R. Santos
  • Aires Aparecida Cruz
  • Williana S. L. Marin
  • Nivaldo Ribeiro Campos
  • Walter Ribeiro Campo