Short Courses

Short Courses

Training professionals from Brazil, the USA and Latin America, ESCAS works on a different model of education, allowing students to: apply their knowledge in practice; relate closely to researchers and professors, expand networking; and access qualified and multidisciplinary education, guaranteeing a broader view of the themes covered.

Professionals in several areas of knowledge, students and people interested in socioenvironmental courses are the audiences reached by the Short Courses, at IPÊ's headquarters or in company.

Partnership with international universities

In partnership with ESCAS, international universities promoted complementary study programs that provide students with the opportunity to have contact with themes connected to ecology and global sustainability. Over the courses, the students actually follow IPÊ projects in communities as well as the work of researchers in the field.

- In 2015, students from Colorado University Boulder participated in the Conservation Biology in Brazil's Atlantic Forest - Brazil Global Seminar course for the fifth year running.

- For more than 15 years, students from Columbia participated in SEE-U (Summer Ecosystem Experience for Undergraduate), a program by the university that guarantees student credits for their graduation.