Floating Education in Amazonia

The boat Maíra I travels among the communities of Amazonia promoting socio-environmental activities.

The Maíra I is a fundamental means of transport to reach riverine communities, as access in the region is almost exclusively through waterways. The boat can accommodate sixteen persons in cabins and 10 additional passengers on hammocks. The boat navigates the lower Rio Negro region promoting training initiatives, supporting community organizing and education.

The Maíra I was donated to IPÊ in 2003 by the wholesaler Grupo Martins, which is headquartered in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais State). In addition to their corporate objectives, Grupo Martins supports socio-environmental projects in various parts of Brazil.

Marco Antonio Vaz de Lima

Nailza Pereira de Sousa

Eduardo Badialli 

  • Grupo Martins