Annual Report IPÊ 2019

To conserve Brazilian biodiversity - our mission - we carried out a series of actions on different fronts. Research, environmental education, forest restoration, participatory monitoring of biodiversity, implementation of sustainable and efficient production systems with sustainable business partnerships are among the examples of initiatives that you have the opportunity to check in detail in the IPÊ Annual Report (2019).


This is one of the ways we find to show society the impact of our work, through data and stories told by those who participate in our projects. They are rural producers, residents of traditional communities, teachers, ESCAS students, researchers, institutional partners. All of them reveal how IPÊ works in practice - in the Pantanal, in the Amazon, in the Pontal do Paranapanema and in the Cantareira System - to make the difference in the lives of these people and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

The report also includes our financial data, with all the relevant information about the use of funds raised for the development of works that, in 2019, reached more than 14,500 people. You can also check out all supporters, companies, national and international institutes, civil society organizations, individuals that are partners who trust in our potential and expertise for more than 28 years, understanding the importance of investing in socio-environmental conservation to guarantee a quality life for all.

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