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People from all over the World are supporting IPÊ in water conservation in Brazil, planting trees in the Cantareira System, by Tree Nation website. The international platform hosts 243 projects from 33 countries that aim to plant forests to tackle climate change. Donations help them to do it!

IPÊ's Sowing Water Project is among the three active Brazilian initiatives registered on the platform. Click and make your donation to the project!

On the Tree Nation website, is possible to choose a project to donate. Donations become trees to forest restoration. On the platform there is the option of giving gifts to family and friends by planting trees as well.

The Sowing Water project has 1,000 trees financed. But our goal is to reach 40,000. We can do it with your help!

Why plant trees in the Cantareira System?

Tree planting is strategic for the Cantareira System, one of the largest water supply systems in the world, located in São Paulo State (Atlantic Forest).

“We have already planted 50,000 seedlings in the Cantareira System (Atlantic Forest). We know that the challenge is huge, but we recognize that this is the safest way, planting trees in the Permanent Preservation Areas, which are those areas close to the springs and water courses. With the increase in areas covered by forests, rainwater finds better conditions to infiltrate the soil, so the water is released little by little, especially during periods of drought. The best place to store rainwater is on the ground. In the current scenario, with such a deficit of trees, we are practically hostage to the rain on the basins and waste the rainwater on the compacted soil that cannot infiltrate ”, explains Alexandre Uezu, IPÊ´s researcher.